Partners Notification

You received a diagnosis for an STI or HIV? Here are some options to help you notify your sexual partners.
prévenir partenaires itss

Why should I tell my sexual partners?

Notifying your sexual partners allows them to :


Get tested before feeling symptoms

traitement vih

Get treated quickly and avoid complications


Avoid transmitting an STI to others


Take part in the prevention of STIs


Feel that their partners care about their health

Ask yourself what is the best way to notify each partner. Every person and every situation is  unique, and there are several options available to you:

prévenir itss oral

Some prefer to talk with their partners in person.

prévenir itss message

Others make phone calls, write an email or a text message to the people involved.

prévenir itss infirmière

Others prefer to have a health care provider or a professional notify their partners

prévenir itss partenaire

Some have other methods because they want to inform their partners in a way that suits them best

Our Partners Notification Service

Quick, Free, and Confidential

The Portail can help notify your recent partners via text messages. All we need to know is their cell phone number, and the STI(s) in question. Depending on our availability, partners will be notified within 24 to 48 hours.

Please provide us with your partners cell phone numbers, and our team will contact them via text messages:

For any information, Call :
1 877 767-8245 (toll free)

notification des partenaires

Text (via Sext'Info):
514 400-9301 (toll free)

Our notification service complements but does not replace the services offered by the health professionals who accompanied you in your screening and diagnosis. If you have any doubts about your health, they are your primary ressources.

The Portail will not collect any unnecessary information and will not disclose any information that would breach the confidentiality rights of the people who use Sext’Info. See our Politique de confidentialité (in french only).

The Portal agrees to notify the partners whose mobile phone numbers have been provided via the methods specified on this page, but does not hold itself responsible for any possible personal consequences following the notification. 

Do you have any questions regarding the Portail’s Partners Notification Service?

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